A Greater Perspective

Just a few days ago I experienced a very familiar situation from a totally new perspective. I went to go pick up my 5 year old from Pre-k and casually went inside to go get him only to find his teacher was telling me they needed to talk to me about his behavior that day. After going back to turn my car off, I went into the office of the teacher and she began explaining me the behavior that Landon had been doing that got him into trouble that day. I spent very much of my own childhood getting into very similar situation my son found himself in and it was really surreal being on the other side of this situation.

I left her office with a note in hand and took him out to the car. The whole way he was begging me to reassure him that he was not in trouble and that there would be no repercussions. I could not and told him that we would talk about it when we got home. During the drive I prayed that God would help me to handle this new situation in the same way that He would. When we got home I really sensed that I did need to discipline my son and talk to him about his actions. I realized that even though it was inconvenient and a little uncomfortable even for me in that moment that it was necessary for him to grow.

The whole situation ended up being such an intimate time between my son and I even though it was a sort of hard situation because I was disciplining him. The best thing was that after I disciplined and talked to him about his actions I was able to hug him, remind him that I was not mad and that I loved him so much. We really then were able to get to some of the deeper reasons behind his actions and school and come to a better understanding (even though he is only 5). The greatest part of it all was that I could share the gospel with my son in such a relevant way in that situation. I explained to him how even though we all make mistakes, just like he had that day, that we have a way of forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ. I then got to lead my son in a prayer asking God to forgive us of our sins and asked Him to help us do better next time.

This tough situation that I had stumbled into turned out to be a huge opportunity for me to help my son grow and for us to connect on a deeper level than before. Later on, God reminded me how applicable this whole situation is to how he relates to me as my Heavenly father. Just like I could see further down the road and the damage that it could cause my son if I do not correct his actions, God see’s us and how certain behaviors will cause us harm further down the road. In that situation my son has such an immediate perspective on it all while I can not only look at the present but to the past and even into the future in a way.

We are just like that in relation to God. We have the limited perspective and sometimes find ourselves in situations where it does not make sense. What we have to begin to understand is that His perspective is SO much greater than our own. He can see the damage that things can cause in our lives if we continue and even lovingly disciplines us to help us correct our behavior. His motives are always pure and his intentions always have our best in mind.

The following scripture has become so much more real to me from this situation:

For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

-Isaiah 55:9

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