Booking a Store-front Fundraiser

In 2010, the campaign raised $12.8 million – the most ever raised during Kroger’s annual campaign. This figure represented more than 9% of the total donated to The Salvation Army nationwide during the storefront campaign.

For the non-profit that I work with we have found that store-front fundraising is an excellent way to not only raise a large amount of funds in a short period of time but can also give you a great chance for building public awareness in a community. This hands on approach allows for individuals from your organization to really describe the heart of your organization and create a lasting impression.

The organization that I work for helps people that have life-controlling issues with drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders and other destructive behaviors. When we send our representatives, who are usually involved and have been or are currently in the program, they can help inform others who may have family or they themselves be struggling. Our small program consisting of at the most 20 volunteers per weekend throughout the year has given out somewhere in between 50,000 and 10,000 promotional cards alone. When you think about the other 200+ programs in the Us alone that are doing similar public awareness and fundraising events you can see the vast population we reach each year.

I think that its an incredible option to not only raise money but to connect a face and personal testimony with a large group of people. If your nonprofit would like to begin doing store front fundraising it is as easy as contacting some local stores in your area and usually sending a letterhead with the who, what, what, why, when and where for your organization. If you have no Idea where to begin I have written a simply letterhead that we have used for hundreds of stores over the past few years. Feel free to pull the content and change it to fit your needs!

Here is the Template:

February 16, 2012


123 Main St

Anycity, USA



Attn: NAME – (Persons tile)

We are submitting this letter as a request to set up a Public Awareness day there at your store. Your store is included in our area for doing drug and alcohol prevention and awareness. Also, we are a non-profit 501c3 organization that relies on donations and fundraisers to help keep our programs open and available for those in need. During our fundraisers we will usually send out 2-4 representatives from our program to give out information and accept donations.

The Following dates are what we have available:

July 20-21

August 24-25

September 28-29

October 26-27

November 9-10

Teen Challenge is a program focused on helping men, women and juveniles with life controlling issues such as drug addiction and alcoholism. Our organization has been around for over 50 years and has over 200 centers in the United States alone. Our program is a training center focused on training and equipping those seeking to work in Teen Challenge programs all over the world.





888-555-0000 – Phone

888-655-4445 – Fax

Question: How does your organization best raise money and public awareness with your community?

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