Increasing your Search Engine Optimization

As a non-profit you always want more people to find your content that is available online. This will not only increase public awareness for those that may need what you offer but can also help in finding new donor sources! Today I got a great email from a co-worker with some great advice on increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I thought I would share it.


  1. Find out what keyword(s) would be best for the site. In other words, what are people most likely going to be typing in a search site when they look for a site like the site? One term that comes to mind is “christian leadership program”, or something like that.
  2. Implement your keyword(s) into the title tags of your website. Also, if you can use the keywords in and H1 or H2 headings in the site, that is good.
  3. Whenever you upload a video to Youtube or Vimeo, be sure to put your sites link in the first or second sentence of the description of the video. Also, incorporate your keywords into the description. Youtube and Vimeo are top ranked sites and it looks good when they point back to your site. It tells search engines that your site is important. Whatever you do, change the description up and do not use the same one over and over. Google will not like this and it could make your site take a hit. This should help out because we have so many videos to upload and that is a lot of links fairly quickly.
  4. Every blog post that is made should have a link back to the website. If possible, incorporate that link by using your keywords. The blog is another site that is pointing back to your site.
  5. Setup Google Webmaster tools on the website. This will help in allowing the Google bot to crawl your site and look for changes and such. I would do this for the blog as well.
  6. Make sure and use your keywords in the alt tags on all of your images, in your website. You can use variants like “christian leadership”, “christian leadership program”, “teen challenge leadership program”, etc.

7 thoughts on “Increasing your Search Engine Optimization

  1. My only minor disagreement would be on #4. While it’s good advice, it’s far better to have your blog on the same domain as your primary site, rather than be on a separate site. Of course, that’s not always possible in which case your #4 is a good move.

    Also of note is that #3 doesn’t directly help your site since links from YouTube are “nofollowed”. Still, those videos might rank well on their own, and every viewer might choose to click the ilnk, so it’ll certainly help. It’s really more of a “good thing to do” than an SEO strategy, though.

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