Haiti Day 2

My first night I slept so well. I really could feel the peace of God from the moment we got there and could sense that people were praying for it. Its kinda hard to describe but I really had no worries. When I was on the plane I was dozing off and praying and God showed me this beautiful vision of me sitting on a beach just looking off at the ocean and simply said to me “Just relax, I got this…” I feel like this vision set the pace for the rest of my week in a major way.

In the morning we got everything together, had a spaghetti breakfast and first headed off to see the orphanage right down the street from the pastors house in Croix de Bouquet. We only stopped there for a minute because the kids were finishing their testing so we had to avoid being a distraction during that testing. Then we headed to the church/ school/ seminary in Delmas which is right near the airport in Port Au Prince.

Church in HaitiThis is the Church/ School we visited that morning.The church that we visited is one of fifteen the pastor has planted and oversees that are all over Haiti. This is the first church he planted 15-20 years ago and has grown tremendously. It has a school for 400-600 children who mostly pay nothing, they run over 600 people on sundays and also offer seminary training to people interested in doing ministry.

After visiting the church and meeting a few people there we then drove out to the church and school located in Penier. This church was actually destroyed three years ago during the earthquake and has been a work in process since then. At that church we were able to go visit over 100 kids that attend the school there from the surrounding community.


After leaving the school we drove back to the pastors house to prepare for the next day with the kids. We put together an assortment of games and activities based ont eh time we had and hoped for the best! Then we ate some lunch and drove back up to the church for a revival service that night. My dad preached the Gospel that evening to over 65 people from that area and we also shared some songs with them. It was a great first night with the people there in Penier that we really grew to love throughout the week. This church only had power because of a generator and had nothing but bleak cinderblock walls but was still so full of life. Being there reminded me that church is not about the songs, sound quality, lighting or how elaborate a building is. The church is about the people all with one common goal to know God more.

Kids in Haiti

Hanging out with 3 boys in Haiti


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