How to Write a Great Promo Video Storyboard in 1 Hour

Writing a promotional video can be a really daunting task for anyone who is sitting with a plain sheet of paper in front of them and no real idea of how to get started. I have written several videos this last year and have developed a great process for writing a really great storyboard so that you and your team can produce a high-quality video! Here are a few things to consider:

1. What’s the goal of your project: First you want to decide the general direction of the project. Write down what the ultimate goal of the video is, what is a main theme that can drive the video, audio, text and pictures within the video. (10min)

2. Who is needed: Once you know the direction write down who you will need and what exactly their KRA’s (Key areas of responsibility) will be. Assign these people realistically based on the amount of time they will have and their competency level. Also make a list of the specific actors or people you want to interview in your video. (5min)

3. What is needed: Write down what you may need for this. Here are some great things that I usually look to see if I will need for any project: (5min)

  • Camera, Lighting, Set and microphone
  • Will you need background motion graphics? Get some stock graphics for cheap if you can’t make them! Here’s a great site to find them cheap:
  • Shots that pan through a crowd, street or setting that is relevant for your video. These will be can be dropped over interviews to create more visual interest.


Get Inspired: Its great to find a spot you love, grab a cup of coffee and listen to some tracks you have selected for the video. Try and select a background song that will help drive the purpose of the video. If you’re trying to inspire pick a fast paced genre (Drum and Bass or some fast indie rock). For something dramatic and intense pick something slower (Trip-Hop or blues). Basically take some time and listen to the music you want to be your soundtrack. (10min)

Get Writing: Once you have absorbed the mood and cleared your mind for a few minutes simply get out a pen and paper and start writing. I generally write the entire video to fit precisely into the rises and falls of the song that I select. Start putting ideas out there and map them out from the first 10 seconds to the final 5. (30min)

Get input: The worst thing you can assume is that you have created the best Idea for this project and to reject advice and input. The best thing you can do is plan to create 3 ideas that are totally different but run along the same theme. Then allow your team members to make comments and suggestions. These suggestions should be line-by-line and very detailed.

Execute: Once you have worked out all the details, ideas and have the final draft then you can begin to shoot the video, gather the pictures, audio and everything else you need! This can be a long process but if you have a precise and easy to follow story-board it can be more simple than you imagined.

Always set a great roadmap for you and your team and it will be much easier when it comes time to start shooting. If you have already worked through the creative development of the video from the first second to the last, the creation of the video will be a breeze!

What are some things you do that help you create videos?

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