Enjoy the Moment


There really is no other time like the present to enjoy the fullness of God. He created this very moment for us to enjoy and cherish. He wants us to learn from the past, be filled with vision for the future and to enjoy each moment as if it were our last. He had this moment planned from the very beginning in time. Every single detail about each day in our lives is important to Him. 

It’s so amazing that even though He is not constrained by time in any way, He still cherishes each and every moment with us. He cherishes each moment with us as if it were the last. 

Take a minute today to simply stop worrying about the future, forget the past and enjoy this very present moment that you sit in. Dwell on the thought that you will never again have this day to enjoy Gods amazing blessings in your life. Even if everything around you is falling apart, if you have Christ you can be thankful that you now have eternal life in Him. 

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