He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
and put their trust in him.

-Psalm 40:3

I read this verse again this morning and I feel that it really describes what God has done in my life these past few years. I think its truly a verse that I plan to stand on as a life verse that will help me remember what he has done and what He now plans to do.

There are two amazing contrasts to this verse: First of all it talks about a new song of praise to God that has been placed into the writers mouth. Secondly it talks about the effects of this and how it will bring many to know the Lord through it.

I know that the Father has placed totally new things in my mouth and in my heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. He has not only given me another chance through His grace but also a new heart with new passions and desires. I don’t desire what I once did and now desire better things that bring me closer to him. These things bring me true peace and contentment no matter what life troubles come my way.

ImageAlso, God has also started using me to lead others to put their trust in Him. As I continue to allow him to replace the old with the new I have seen more people than I can count turn to Jesus and receive the fullness of life that He offers. Its so amazing how good God is and how he really can use the weak ones of this world (me) to confound or perplex the wise by the awesome things he does in and through them.

Today, let God give you a new song in your heart and allow him to use you to lead others to put their trust and hope in Him!

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