Marked by Holiness

I believe that God is raising up a new generation that is not known for their new theology or ideas but as a generation marked by holiness.

Holiness is defined on Wikipedia as, “being clean or pure, to be holy is to be like a God.” The word sanctify is a word the described the purification process that God uses in our lives to make us holy, set apart and more like him.

He is drawing an entire generation to prayer and fasting. I believe that this generation that has an unrelenting desire for His presence will in return be forever changed by his presence. In the midst of his presence is where we are sanctified, purified and set apart for his purposes.

The Nazarite vow is a sacred vow that extends from the old testament and into the new. This vow is one made out of love and devotion to the Lord. In the vow a man or women, even not part of the jewish heritage could do a series of outward signs to show their love and devotion for God. I believe that we are in a generation that in the midst of all the chaos, the relativity and godlessness will make a lifelong vow of sanctification for the Lord. This generation will be a generation marked by holiness that will shine brighter and brighter until the great commission is finally fulfilled.

A Quite Place

I have been so busy moving these last few weeks that I have rarely had time (or wifi) to get on and blog and have deeply missed sharing my more elongated thoughts here with you all. I don’t really have anything huge on my mind or really planned out so I guess I will just share what I sense the Lord is really showing me right now…


These past three weeks I have been in a new city at a new job with a lot of new exciting things as my fingertips. One thing that comes with the new territory is that I really don’t know anyone here and have encountered a deep loneliness. At first it was a really awkward thing to not have anything social planned or to really do but then I began to feel this strong urge to just seek the Lord in my free time. As I began to spend time with Him in prayer and in times of worship I began seeing how refreshing this down time was. I started also seeing more clearly that all my insane business that I had been living in was bringing me to a point of utter exhaustion and I really had no idea until I stopped it all. When I stopped I realized how tired I really was.

What began as a really lonely time has actually turned out to be one of the most refreshing and fulfilling times I have EVER had in my life. It seems the more time I spend with the Father, the more I just want to get away and spend time with Him. In His presence I find clarity, peace and am made to become more and more like Him. It is where I can organize the inner life and regain a  true perspective of the world around me. Its amazing how blurred my vision can become in the wake of unhealthy business.

The last thing I want to share that He has been showing me is the importance of finding that quiet place with Him. So often I have to have music or something playing in the background. I always have to be thinking on something, working towards a goal, cooking, cleaning, watching, talking to feel sane. The moment I sit still and in total silence my inner voice screams, “DO SOMETHING!!!” What I am now seeing is that I have been really missing out on the many benefits from a vitally important spiritual discipline that I have been long overlooking.

I have to admit that I really literally just had this revelation and haven’t become successful at it quite yet. I still have a hard time getting my mind to become still even after waiting in quietness for 15-20 minutes. What I can say is that I commit to pursue this discipline because I believe that along the path of its pursuit there are invaluable treasures waiting to be found.

What’s your experience with stillness and how do you respond to the quiet places in your life (if there even are any)?