Marked by Holiness

I believe that God is raising up a new generation that is not known for their new theology or ideas but as a generation marked by holiness.

Holiness is defined on Wikipedia as, “being clean or pure, to be holy is to be like a God.” The word sanctify is a word the described the purification process that God uses in our lives to make us holy, set apart and more like him.

He is drawing an entire generation to prayer and fasting. I believe that this generation that has an unrelenting desire for His presence will in return be forever changed by his presence. In the midst of his presence is where we are sanctified, purified and set apart for his purposes.

The Nazarite vow is a sacred vow that extends from the old testament and into the new. This vow is one made out of love and devotion to the Lord. In the vow a man or women, even not part of the jewish heritage could do a series of outward signs to show their love and devotion for God. I believe that we are in a generation that in the midst of all the chaos, the relativity and godlessness will make a lifelong vow of sanctification for the Lord. This generation will be a generation marked by holiness that will shine brighter and brighter until the great commission is finally fulfilled.

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