On Friday, June…

On Friday, June 7th, as I was heading to the house of prayer, I missed a turn and ended up on the scene of a horrible wreck (no professionals had arrived). A young girl, Emily Gibson (20), was thrown from her 1998 Forerunner and was laying in the middle of the street. I began to speak to her and remind her of the love of Jesus and prayed desperately for God to break in and do something for this girl in her time of need. She fought hard for 2 days and even made it through an emergency brain surgery that we did not expect her to come out of. On Sunday at approximately 10pm Emily died. Over the course of those two days, the Gibson’s took me in as family and allowed me to speak openly about God’s love. They asked me if I would do the celebration service for Emily’s life at a local park. Yesterday, I stood in front of a large crowd who came out to show their support for the family and to honor Emily. After talking to friends of mine who had lost children, I did the best that I knew how to speak directly into the hard issues: Where were you God?, Why didn’t you heal her?, the guilt from not being a better friend or family member, etc.
I dont think any of us have a clear reason as to why, but we do know that God is still good in the midst of tragedy. We know that through one persons death that many were able to hear about the love of the Father on Father’s Day. We know that we can go to the Cross and exchange all of our pain and regret and messed up lives for the life of Christ. We know that if we will give our lives to Jesus that every single one of our mistakes will begin to work together for good. We know that no matter what we have been through that God’s plans for our lives are still good and that He will be with us to the end.

This is something a friend of mine posted this morning on Facebook. I wanted to share this with everyone. 

Testimony – Drug Dealer Saved

Our team was doing a street outreach in a rather new area this past friday night and we saw some really amazing things happen! So many people encountered God’s love in a various number of ways. There was one encounter that I will always remember that happened late into the night.
We were in a parking lot of a gas station and were ministering to people as they walked around the city. It was surprising how many people came our way! I was with the group and we were talking and hanging out as some people were being ministered to. I then noticed a guy come out of the gas station that I had seen earlier but not talked to. I went over and asked him what his name was and then introduced myself.
I began sharing with him some things the Lord was telling me about him. I started saying that the things that his mother spoke over him are still true when she said he could do anything he set his mind to and that he had a great destiny. I just encouraged him and shared that God had huge plans for him. He then started telling me that he has been selling drugs on this street since he was 15 years old and knew that there had to be more to life than this. He said that he just didn’t know how to change. I then told him my testimony of how God had delivered me from drugs 4 years earlier and that I used to run drugs all over the city. I shared that when I surrendered to Christ, He changed my heart and desires and made me a totally new person (2 Cor 5:17).
I could feel the presence of God so strongly as we talked. It was as if my words didn’t even seem to matter because the Holy Spirit was speaking to him so loudly. I asked him, “Do you feel that? Do you feel God, like his presence?” He then looked down and said, “Yes, I feel it.”
I then told him that that was the Holy Spirit and declared to him that where the spirit of the Lord is that there is freedom.
Then I asked him if he wanted to pray after me to ask Jesus to change his heart, his life and save him. He said yes and I just led him in a simple prayer of repentance that reminded me of what I first said to God when turning to him. I  gave him a hug and encouraged him some more to continue to seek the Lord and to come to church when he can.
Watching a drug dealer on the street come to Christ made John 6:63 so evident to me. My human effort couldn’t possibly accomplish anything like this but thankfully the Spirit can grant eternal life to a drug dealer! I have seen miracles of healing and other beautiful things of the Lord but nothing compares to seeing the miracle of salvation.
63 The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.
John 6:63