3 Places to Lead from: Rest, Intimacy, Hunger

rest, intimacy, hunger, revival

There are a lot of things that influence how we interact with those that we lead and influence. We can be having a great day, which leads to our ability to encourage someone around us, or we can find ourselves pouring negativity and slander on those around us about something frustrating that has happened. It is important that we always remember to lead from 3 very important places that will ensure that we lead well and positively influence those people around us.

1.     Lead from a place of Rest 

In our culture we live in a place of constant conviction to achieve and perform more and more. Most of us have a very hard time; never stopping to really rest in the Lord. When we feel the constant need to continue striving it is because we are not living in a place where we can rest in who God is. Sometimes we feel a need to constantly be proving ourselves. As leaders we need to always make time to sit back and rest in the Lord. The Lord calls us to yoke ourselves up to Him and he promises that the burden will be light. As we rest in the Lord we will enable him to refresh us and will end up having so much more to offer those that we influence.

2.     Lead from a place of Intimacy

In John chapter 15 Jesus reminds us that we need to always remain in Him as he remains in the Father. He uses the metaphor of us being the branches that are attached to him, which represents the vine. This is extremely important to remember, as we are influencing those around us. We need to always be taking time to get away and seek the face of God. We need to get into His presence and allow him to show us more of whom He is. The more intimacy we have with God, the higher the probability is that others will encounter him through us.

3.     Lead from a place of Hunger and Thirst

In John chapter 6 Jesus compares himself to food. He tells us that if we will eat and drink of Him that we will no longer hunger or thirst. The physical energy, invigoration and refreshment that we gain from food and drink is simply a portrait of the way that Jesus nourishes and fills our lives. This bold promise is something that we need to always remember as we are pouring into the lives of other people. We need to exemplify for others that we crave Jesus even more than we do the water we drink, the food we eat and even the air we breathe.

Do you think God put physical food on the earth to show us how much we should crave Jesus?

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