This past week our regular meeting space for our local house of prayer and the church I attend has not been open because of water that smells like sewage flooding in through the walls. It seemingly will get better for a day or two and then suddenly the water keeps re-appearing and no one, including contractors and plumbers, have any idea what the problem is. The following testimony is a quick story of how God can take something that is really an annoyance or inconvenience and make it work out in a way better than ever imagined!


Last night theDoor met at the Loft right off Broadway because the basement was not available and while we were waiting outside before going in for service Grant and I met two guys who are in the special forces with the army. They were looking for a bar and asked us where they could go drink. We ended up sharing about Jesus and what we were doing out there. They two guys ended up coming to the service and were radically touched by God. One was healed from an injury and both of them gave their lives to Christ. Neither of them thought they could be forgiven for all the people they had killed while serving overseas but they experienced God’s overwhelming love and forgiveness for the very first time last night. They left completely different people and plan to come to a small group this Thursday.
I wanted to share this because if the basement had still been open these two guys would not met us more than likely and would not have gotten a chance to accept Christ for the very first time. Thank God for taking this “inconvenience” and doing miracles through it all!

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