Let Your kingdom come

Check this out readers!

Rejoining the Dance.

I was talking to a sweet friend of mine; if anything just wanting a familiar voice to calm my distress. We got onto a long discussion on what the Church is supposed to look like.

It’s supposed to look like Heaven on earth. Where our Daddy is worshipped not only by just going to church each Sunday but REALLY praising Him and loving on His beloved children. Whether it’s just asking how a stranger’s day was or even calling a friend just to hear what’s going on in their life. Maybe it’s planting seeds in nonbelievers or even holding and nurturing the next generation.

It’s simply coming together as a body of believers and just praising Him because He’s so good.

Whenever I think about the Church and what it looks like, I see dancing, singing, joy, laugher and just yells and shouts declaring His goodness!

Where have we…

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