I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called,  with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love…

Ephesians 4:1-2

walking away

It’s urgent that as believers in Jesus Christ that we take our calling very seriously. We must live our lives with such passionate dedication that we are willing to risk everything. We have a high calling and high are the standards that we must live by. These standards are not written laws but are conditions of the heart that we should live by through the Holy Spirit. I believe that in these two verses the Lord is showing us four primary points to living a life worthy of the calling we have received in Christ Jesus.

#1 – Humility

Our calling is to follow Him and to acknowledge Him as our provider and our God. Humility is the mark of a follower of Christ that is wholly abandoned to Him. We need to seek humility each day as we walk in our great calling to love God and to extend His love to others. Humility is not common in our society and is contrary to our own human nature. Our natural response is self-preservation and pride. When we practice humility it forces us to place our dependence on God rather than ourselves. To walk worthy of our calling we MUST depend on Him and not ourselves.

“They knew that apart from the presence and power of the Holy Spirit they would accomplish nothing.”

Rick Joyner – of those leading the Welsh Revival in 1904

#2 – Gentleness
Our actions towards others should always be done with a gentle manner. Humility shows our heart position towards God and others but gentleness is how we are to actually act towards them. Rather than being rash, abrupt and forceful we should be gentle and kind. When we display gentleness we leave no room to control or manipulate others. We can only do this when we really place our trust in the Lord. When we display gentleness we display our trust in God. Our calling is one that must be marked by a gentle spirit and carefull actions. We learn to be slow to speak and even slower to react in anger. Our live must be connected to God’s Spirit in order to display true gentleness towards others.

#3 – Patience
Humility is our heart position, gentleness is to be the mark of our actions towards others and patience shows how we react to others and to circumstances outside of our control. We must have a life marked by patience in this fallen world because not only will many people harm us and let us down unintentionally but some will also do so intentionally. In light of the cross of Jesus Christ and His shed blood we realize that we have no place in our lives to be impatient or harbor any bitterness. A patient life is one that is quick to forgive. When we display patience as the Holy Spirit lives through us we can live a life truly worthy of the calling of Christ. Patience is a must-have virtue for any true Christ follower.

#4 – LOVE
With all of the humility, gentleness and patience we are to bear with one another in love. Humility is our heart position, gentleness is the way we treat others, patience is how we respond and love is that package that all of these are wrapped up into. Each of these stem from a life filled with God’s love and His presence. These things are only possible through a life filled with God’s love. We must commune with our father in unceasing prayer and adoration if we want to truly walk in a way that is worthy of His calling on our lives. It all must be our of an overflow of Christ in us, who is love and is the hope of glory.

Of the 4 Characteristics which one are you strongest in? Which are you weakest in?

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