Amazing Testimony! -Neck Healed

Yesterday at our Take the City outreach we took teams all over our city to express God’s love. This is just one of many amazing miracles that took place yesterday.

One exciting thing about this testimony is that this woman received 80% of her healing before I even prayed for her. When I asked her about her neck she shuddered and got chills all over her body. I then told her the Lord was gonna heal her neck. Just by expressing this word her neck already went from a pain level of 4-5 to a 1. Then when we prayed all the pain was gone and her neck had full mobility again!

God is so good!

2 thoughts on “Amazing Testimony! -Neck Healed

  1. You were saved by such time as this, Andrew! I pray that his will multiple the anointing over your life so you can help many more to be free not only from disease but also from the bondage of addiction. My son is 24 years old and overdosed on heroine last April. He has highs and lows and I know God called him to a ministry similar to yours but he doesn’t know that yet. I can see God using him but he needs to be saved first. His name is Felipe, please pray for him. Blessings to you and your Little boy. Now you know not only your dad loved you but also how God has loved you from the beginning! Blessings:-)



    • Amen! I will be praying for Felipe today. God I pray that you would reveal the amazing destiny and plans that you have for him right now. In Jesus name I declare supernatural breakthrough in his life and that he would know what is the hope that he is called to live in through Christ Jesus.

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