God hasn’t created us for a life that is lived aimless and without direction. We are actually created to walk with reason and full of purpose. In fact he has prepared good things for our lives in Christ before the foundation of the world. (Eph 2:10) Many people live their lives without the feeling that their life serves any real purpose but when we begin to access God’s perspective we start to see that we were created with eternal purpose and destiny. He has great things set aside for us each day… All we need to do is listen.


Foolish people are generally rash, senseless and without purpose or reason. God wants us not to walk rashly but to rather be increasingly attentive to what the Holy Spirit is telling us throughout each day. He desires that we walk in wisdom and with a heart that is careful to hear what his still small voice is saying. To hear this voice sometimes we have to turn down the volume of everything else in our lives. Sometimes to hear Him it requires that we literally turn everything off and step away. It can sometimes cost us our comfort of convenience to hear God’s voice. We just might have to turn our TV’s off or get off our social media for a few minutes to hear His voice.

I was thinking last night about how differently I would live if I really believed I could access the voice of the almighty, eternal, all powerful living God anytime day or night. If I had a full revelation of this, I don’t think I would let anything distract or divert me. If I knew I had access to some great figure like the president tomorrow morning at 10am, I would probably make some room in my schedule for that meeting. I might even make a special sacrifice just to meet him. The amazing reality is we have 24/7 access to someone far greater than any super-star athlete or political figure! When we realize the great potential of this reality we begin to set aside more and more time to be with him. We begin to long for more time with him in the moments of business and distraction. We can’t love God too much.

To “understand what the will of the Lord is” (Eph 5:17) we must have a listening heart that is always open to the Holy Spirit. We can trust every guiding from the Spirit because He cannot lie to us. (Num 23:19) This amazing reality for believers of Jesus Christ means that we have unlimited access to an eternal wealth of wisdom inside of us in the Holy Spirit. All we need to do is learn to listen to Him. We gain true wisdom when we simply learn to hear the voice of God in our inner man (mind, will, heart…) and to be obedient to anything and everything that he says.

When God visited Solomon in 1 Kings 3 in a dream he told Solomon he could have whatever he wanted. Solomon told God he wanted an understanding heart. Solomon’s greatest desire was to be able to hear the voice and direction of God in his heart and then carry out in obedience what God was saying. Today God is proposing the same question to each of us who are followers of Christ; “Ask and it will be given to you..” (Matt 7:7), “Ask what you desire and it shall be done for you…” (John 15:7). Will we choose to ask God for the same thing that Solomon did? When we choose to seek after the things of the Kingdom then we can trust that all the rest of the things in life will surely be added to us. (Matt 6:33)

“Having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know…” Eph 1:18

Today ask God for a listening heart. Ask him for a greater desire to listen to His voice and His direction in everything. Tell him what struggles you have in hearing his voice and how you may want things to change. Be honest and open with Him! Ask him to let you hear his voice in a fresh and new way today…

2 thoughts on “Wisdom – Having an Understanding Heart

  1. excellent brother! So true, just turning off the tv and social media is a great way to spend some quite time with the God of the universe! I am always awe struck that He longs to spend time with us! We are so blessed! xo

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