“Let me hold you…”

When my son was really small he constantly wanted to be held by me. As he has gotten older each year he has become more and more self-reliant and now at almost 7 it is nearly impossible to get him to sit still on my lap for more than a few seconds! I remember how much I loved being able to hold him and just be near him when he was a little baby. Now that he is bigger I don’t necessarily want to hold him quite as long (mainly because he ways over 50 pounds now) but I do still want to hold him every now and then. Lately if I get to hold him it is usually when I carry him inside after he has fallen asleep in the car. After I carry him inside I will usually just sit and cherish the few moments that I have to hold him. 

This past week I was reminded by the Lord that a lot of times I get really busy and hyperactive with everything going on in my life. He showed me how in so many ways I act just like my son and can’t seem to sit still when I am in His presence. I feel the constant urgency to get up, do something, write a reminder, check my Facebook or email. I have to constantly be doing something or else I feel almost anxious. He has been reminding me of how much He longs for the moments each day when I can just simply stop and be near him.

The love I have for my son is but a weak reflection of God’s unlimited love and passion for all His kids. He doesn’t want to hold us out of need to feel loved but rather because He is so FULL of love he can’t wait to express it to us…Image

Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!
1 John 3:1

The word “Behold” in the greek is one that means to look at something, to know something or to experience something. We don’t just get to read about, hear about and talk a lot about the amazing love that the Father has for each of us but we can actually encounter this love. We have the ability to literally experience His love when we are willing to simply just take the time to “behold” this amazing love He has for us. One way that we can encounter His love is by taking time to get away from everything and everyone to just let him pour out His love on us. We behold the love of our Perfect Father when we give him the time to hold us. 

A loving father who cannot wait to express his love would not limit himself to a letter, a messenger or a reminder of what he has done in the past. He would long to express his love in a real and tangible way in that very moment. He would desire to say it himself and to use his hugs and kisses to remind his children how dear they are to him. Our Father longs for us to know His love each and every day in a very personal way. He longs to pour out His love but so many times we are too distracted, busy or pacified by false intimacy. 

Just as a good dad wants to affirm his kids by physical touch, gifts and personal time of fun, so does our Heavenly Father long to remind us of His love. Our Father longs to do even greater things than even the best dad on earth desires to do for his own children. We have an amazing Father in Heaven who is in a great mood. Because of the blood of Jesus we are no longer enemies but can truly be called Children of God. 

How can you stop and let the Father hold you today?

7 thoughts on ““Let me hold you…”

  1. That was beautiful Andrew! In this day and age, we are so “task” oriented; the more we do, the more valuable we are, so we think! I have to remind myself of the “being still and knowing that He is God” over and over so I don’t miss out on the intimacy He desires with me. Thanks Andrew!!!

  2. Thanks so much for being still enough to write that Andrew. So good and fresh, man I need to keep that at the forefront of my spirit daily. The way Daddy uses our own children to speak to us is priceless. Bless you brother

  3. Taking time to practice ‘presence’ is so hard in our busy world but when we do this as the first priority (First Things First), He gives us wisdom, insight and revelation on how to manage the rest of our day.

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