While in Prauge our team had an entire day to explore this amazing city. After getting dropped off in the town square we sat around waiting for some of our group to get back to us after finding a place to park. Our team hung around the square and eventually just began talking and praying with people. It was so fun to see God move powerfully in an environment that is completely unaccustomed to prayer and even the concept of God. We saw God’s love and the light of Jesus demonstrated in some really cool ways while we wandered the city that day. I want to talk about one short story in particular…


After praying for a few people we noticed that a couple was walking by and a lady was in a wheelchair. My friends Gabe and Jordan went over and began to pray for the man and the woman in the wheelchair. I walked over and began to pray with them as well for the lady in the wheelchair. Afterwards the got up out of the wheelchair and began to walk around! Not only did she get out of the wheelchair but she then walked away down the road with her husband helping to push the wheelchair!

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Everyone that was in that square watched what the Lord did. They saw how she got up and walked away helping her husband push the wheelchair…

…God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.

Acts 10:38

Jesus was anointed with the same Holy Spirit that we now can have when we choose to follow Christ and have been baptized in His Spirit. Jesus was anointed with this power which enabled him to heal all those that were under the power of the devil. When we have that same anointing upon our lives we can do things similar to what Jesus did. We were told by Jesus that we were to declare that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and also in John 14 that we would do even greater works than the things he did while on the earth.

The amazing thing about this miracle that we witnessed is that He did it in spite of us! He can use any of us to release His Kingdom and to bring healing into people’s lives. We don’t need to wait until we are a pastor to heal the sick. All we need is childlike faith in the power of Jesus Christ…



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