Tonight as I began to pack my stuff (once again) so that I can move into a new house I remembered a time a few years ago that really marked me forever. I was reminded of this particular night where I was in transition and was trying to adjust to my new surroundings. I found myself in a new place where I knew absolutely no one and felt really isolated and lonely…


That night I found myself in this church with all of these people I didn’t know and I just began to think to myself and pray things like, “God… What am I doing here???” As I was sitting there in the back of this church I suddenly had this strong thought that popped up in my head. The thought was really odd and seemed as if it weren’t my own. The words that came to mind were something like, “Even in the midst of changing faces and constantly changing places I will always be with you. I will always be the same…” The thought was so strong and so peculiar that I immediately opened up a book and in the back I did something that was really unusual. I wrote down word for word what I had been thinking.

The church service started and I forgot about what had happened. After the time of music we all sat down and the pastor got up and began to talk to us. As he was speaking he suddenly stopped and then he began to say something that really caught my attention. Immediately I noticed that what he was saying was exactly what I was just thinking! I was blown away and just after he got done speaking I checked the back of my book to make sure I was not crazy. Sure enough, the same words I had written down were said by this total stranger from the microphone.

I knew in that moment that God had actually been speaking to me! At this time I had only heard God speak to me a few other times so I immediately was overwhelmed with gratitude because I realized that when I feel alone HE sees me and deeply cares for me. This moment really showed me how intimate God is and that he is interested in the every day part of our lives. He is a good Father that deeply cares for each of us.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Heb 13:5

Since that moment circumstances in my life have changed over and over again. Several times I have packed up everything and moved into brand new situations where I knew absolutely no one. I have traveled and slept in more unfamiliar places than I care to remember or count. My life has been far from consistent in many ways. The only thing that really has been a constant wherever I go is that I KNOW that my Father is always with me. I know that in spite of the constantly changing places and faces that I never have to feel alone because my God is always there for me. 

Today if you are in transition once again and are frustrated because you never seem to have any stability then I want to encourage you that God is with you and that He deeply cares for your needs for intimacy. If you are feeling alone and isolated then I want to encourage you that He is closer than the air that you breath. He is so near to you and is simply waiting for you to stop and take a moment to acknowledge him.

At times we stay constantly busy so we can ignore that throbbing ache of loneliness that is deep within us that can only be satisfied by God. We all have a void that only HE can fill because we were actually created to be in relationship with God first and foremost. Maybe take a minute today to just let Him speak to you and show you that he is always near you even in the midst of change. 

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