These past few months have been really exciting as I have been working with a co-worker, Deric Cain, and a few others in developing a new tool to reach people struggling with addictions and also those who want to help make a difference. The With Love Movement was created several years ago by Dustin Nance and Mike McGarvey as a collaborative effort to help recruit and send people to help with efforts to end addiction worldwide through the ministry of Teen Challenge. Recently it has been adapted and changed into an even bigger concept and we just recently launched a new website. I wanted to share this website and ultimately would LOVE for as much feedback as possible. Please comment below or send me an email if you have comments, suggestions and especially if you see spelling errors… 🙂

addiction ends with love

Here are 2 Reasons why I’m excited about The With Love Movement

1. Its going to speak to those that are struggling.

Most websites geared towards addiction look like hospital websites because addiction is so widely believed to be an illness and we hope to create something that will really speak to people that are using drugs. We want to write everything on there level and speak to them from a place of compassion and understanding. In the website and in other materials we are producing we are going to offer With Love letters from people who have overcome addictions. These letters are written from former addicts to people who may be dealing with an addiction and they all carry a message of hope. Our goal is to simply let people know that there is hope for them!

I have several friends who have died even in the last few months of a drug overdose. I am sick of watching people die because they have given up on the thought that there is hope for them. We need to give them a message of HOPE.

2. It gives other people a chance to make a difference.

A lot of people aren’t aware of things like the fact that currently drug overdoses are the #1 reason for accidental deaths in America. We hope to help get out information that will create an awareness of how BIG this issue is right now. The drug problem worldwide is only snowballing and getting worse and worse. When people discover this truth then most of them want desperately to do something. Our goal is to help provide opportunities for people to make a difference in their community. We want them to have materials to hand out in the communities and be able to come do a seminar in their city that will help provide hope. We also want to help direct people to places where they can volunteer or work in the US and even internationally through our Global Internships program.

Check it out!

Take a few minutes and go check out this new website that we recently made. Please leave comments here about what you think and be sure the SHARE this on all your social media outlets. 


3 thoughts on “Addiction Ends With Love

  1. Love, love, love the website! Surely God has BIG plans to redeem peoples lives through this site!!!
    In reading a few of the stories, found a few errors in Timmy’s Story: 1st paragraph “wishes” should be “wished” and in the 3rd paragraph “hears about” should read “heard about.”
    I’m the mom of a recovering addict and I’m sure you know how many other moms I know who are struggling with a child in active addiction. Can’t wait to share this site with them!!

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