When I was a young girl, I dreamt of being a ballerina and a scientist. But by my teenage years, those dreams were gone and thoughts of insecurities daily controlled my mind about exercise, losing weight, and my outward appearance even though I was perfectly healthy. Pressure and heartbreak caused my insecurities to grow rampant. In the midst of depression I used drugs and alcohol to help the pain. I fell in love with the feeling of shooting up heroin.

I devoted all of my money to drugs. My thoughts were consumed with getting high. I hated spending all of my money on drugs and I hated the track marks on my arms and body, but the pain was unbearable when I was sober. I thought I was choosing drugs to help me, but in reality I was enslaved to the lifestyle of addiction. I truly thought I could never be free from the noise in my mind and from the drugs that I needed. One day in my bedroom I asked God, “Please if you are real, fix me.”

It was very soon after this that my simple prayer for help was answered and I went to a Christian recovery program called Teen Challenge. I asked Jesus to come into my heart and to help me to live for Him. Since then He has set me free from addiction and from the anorexic tendencies that I once had. I have not done drugs for 3 years and I have peace in my mind and joy each morning. I hope my story helps you to see that the same thing can happen for you.

I want to encourage anyone who is trapped in addiction or insecurities that there is HOPE. You can be completely free. The truth is that God loves you no matter what you are going through and there is nothing, no addiction, no circumstance, no hurt- that is too much for Him to handle.

With love,


(To hear more stories like this one check out the With Love Movement website)

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