Healing Testimony! – Revival on the River

The following is an amazing testimony from Revival on the River that was sent to us a few weeks ago. I was just re-reading the testimony and thought it would be something great to share. God is still a God of miracles. With HIM nothing is impossible! We saw God do so many amazing things including the miracles you will read about below.


“Last year at Revival on the River, a girl prayed with my mom for me and then the next day I had zero back pain.. that was amazing. This year’s Revival on the River, I got excited when Jessie Wilson started singing so my foot came out of my AFO. My mom went to find a worker or helper to ask if they had anymore of the wristbands they were throwing out. I really wanted one but I couldn’t walk down there in that large crowd. She then told the man about what happened to me with the brain aneurysm and stroke. The man said yes but before I get her one do you mind me praying for her. He came over to me with his girlfriend and his friend (they all 3 are apart of Teen Challenge). His friend and girlfriend were standing beside me praying and then he, Robert who my mom talked to was sitting below me, had his hands on my AFO and he was praying for healing in my left leg and in my arm. They all were so nice to me and I still talk to them on Facebook.

When he got through praying he went to get me the wristband and he threw in a Revival on the River T-Shirt also! After that we were getting ready to go home because my foot was hurting badly. When we started to leave this man reached his hand out and told me to come here. I didn’t know who it was but I knew he wouldn’t be a bad person so I went over to him and then recognized him. When I was in 5th grade I started going to church at Golden Acres. He was one of the people in charge of the youth. One day he had to be taken out in the ambulance and he never came back and I wondered why. He is in a wheelchair and there is always a constant pain for him from his waist up. He said that not a lot of people know whats wrong with him and he doesnt post it on Facebook because a few years ago a little 12 year old girl with blonde told him to never give up and she told him about her surviving a brain aneurysm and a stroke and even though its hard living with a disability, it proves that you are a fighter and you can do it. He just kept talkin about how I inspire him and that because of me and my words of encouragement made him not give up. That made me so happy to know that I helped him and inspire many. I was crying the whole time but Saturday morning, when I walked I no longer dragged my left foot, I was able to pick it up.

People say that prayer doesn’t work and that God isn’t real… Who saved me 7 years ago? How could on April 25, 2014 a lady pray with mom and then April 26 I had zero back pain. After I had back pain for a whole year I don’t think it would just stop, God stopped it. Just like April 24, 2015 A man prayed for me and and on April 25 I was able to pick my foot up instead of dragging it like I have had to do for 6 years no matter how many botox I have had. I have always dragged my leg because I couldn’t pick it up because it was paralyzed. Now I can use my leg because of God! “

Arise and Shine

It can seem depressing at times to watch as it seems that our world grows darker and darker. Just take a minute to watch the news or read the headlines and you will quickly feel an inch tall and like you have nothing to offer in the midst of so much darkness, chaos and despair. I believe that God is not calling us to ignorance of what’s happening around us. Rather, we are to know what is going on in our world but to respond to it with boldness and courage rather than debilitating fear and mind numbing complacency.

 God has called His sons and daughters to rise and shine the light and hope of Jesus everywhere we go. He promises that even as the darkness appears to grow that we will burn brighter and brighter for nations to see and be drawn to Him. We as Christ followers are not to simply wait and cower in a corner until He comes back to rescue us but rather we are to go and shine brightly in the hardest darkest places of our world! We are meant to bring His light into every situation we face and not cower in fear from had situations.   
God is raising up a generation that will lay their lives down and bring His hope and light into a world that is overwhelmingly dark and depressing. We are that generation! We will shine brightly until His glory covers the earth.

He is calling us not to obsess over the darkness and how bad things might be. He wants us to become more and more like Him so that His glory and His light can shine through our everyday lives! It’s only when we live in this paradigm that we can truly begin to do what Jesus commissioned us to do before He ascended to the Father. We can’t keep our lights be hidden in the corner if we plan to make disciples of cities and nations. We must let our lights shine brightly so that cities and nations can be drawn to the Glory of our King!

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. “For behold, darkness will cover the earth And deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you. “Nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭60‬:‭1-3‬ NASB)