“Connecting” – A Book on Mentoring

Reading the book “Connecting” has really opened my eyes to the wide variety of mentoring relationships that are available and needed. I had never thought of many of the suggestions that they mentioned through out this book and also how important having contemporary and historical models in our lives are. The whole book really brought to my mind the importance of finishing well. It was surprising to hear that so many leaders that start out really well end up finishing poorly.  This realization really motivated me to live a life full of accountability, mentorship and in community with others.Image

Immediately as I was reading the book I was able to assess my own relationships and see some areas that were not covered well. I saw that I had consistent coaches and people that would occasionally speak into my life but no spiritual guides or a person really discipline me. Since I began reading about that I found someone to help me as a spiritual guide as I move forward with some tasks that are really overwhelming and a lot bigger than I am used to. It was great to set up this formal relationship with a local pastor who offered to offer monthly guidance until my goal is reached!

Also, I really felt the Lord leading me to come into a closer discipling relationship with a leader. I could feel a sense of urgency that I need to always practice humility and have people speaking into my life, especially on a closer level than I might be used to. I really want to finish well and have seen through this book that it is vitally important to set these relationships up very intentionally to help ensure that I have guidance.

The last chapter in the book about finishing well really offered a lot of great advice that the authors had gathered from their research of hundreds of biblical and contemporary leaders. One great point that they make is that the greatest cause of them not finishing well was a lack of inner integrity. They make a really great point in saying, “The secret to inner integrity is intimacy with Christ.” To me this whole chapter really showed me that the key factor to finishing well in what God has called me to do is to maintain intimacy with him no matter what. It has become clear to me that abiding in the 1st commandment is the key to living a life of integrity and character.

Through reading this book I now see the vital importance to having leaders, peers and people I am mentoring speaking into my life. My goal after reading this book is to try and cover all the bases to ensure that I have a good balance of people above me speaking into my life and people next to me helping with accountability and encouragement. I think that this book is great for any leader who has a passion to lead well and finish well in the task God has given them!