How to make the MOST of your Facebook Page

The key to managing a successful is consistency and creating content that will actually engage your audience. The way that you can utilize Facebook in the best possible way is only when people are actually engaging with your posts. You want to try and get people always to “SHARE” your post, “LIKE” your posts and to comment below when you post something. The potential for impact by using Facebook is limitless.

Creating Consistency

calendarA great way to create consistency for you Facebook page is to post on a consistent basis over a long period of time. Many organizations start campaigns and efforts on social media but then get too busy and forget to manage their pages. This can actually begin to hurt your public image rather than help it. Being consistent is a key to having a successful Facebook Page.

One great way to stay consistent is to utilize a Social Media Matrix. A Matrix will help lay out what you want to accomplish through your page and how you plan to reach those goals. One great way is to plan out what you are going to post based on which day of the week it is. Once you have plan laid out then use an online calendar to help remind you to make these posts each week. You can learn more on how to creating recurring events on your google calendar by clicking here.

Here is an example of a Social Media Matrix with some ideas and suggestions:

  • Monday – Post something that informs people about you organization
  • Wednesday – Post a picture
  • Thursday – ThrowBack Thursday
    • Find old images of your efforts or of your staff members/ volunteers and post them on thursday.
    • Use the hashtag #TBT
  • Friday – Thank people
    • Thank people for their support or prayers
    • Thank them for coming to or helping with a recent event
    • Do a fun video that is 1-2 minutes. This can be a simple update video that thanks your audience.

Creating Engagement

Social media engagementAnother important part of managing a Facebook page is creating engagement on your page. Engagement on your page is whenever someone who likes your page interacts with your posts, events or page in any way. This interaction is the KEY to reaching as many people as possible. Facebook has algorithms set within their coding that keeps posts that are not considered “engaging” from reaching very many people. They reasoning for doing this is to help people who use Facebook to only see the most “important” information in their news feed. The more that they interact with your page, attend your events and share your information the more they will actually see your posts and information when you put it out there.

With all this said you want to make sure that the things you post are engaging. You want to consider your audience and try to think of things that will get them interacting with you. Be sure to ask them questions, invoke a response to your post and even try to get them to laugh, cry or respond in some emotional way. If they begin to respond to your page in an emotional way then they will actually begin to build a connection with your page and ultimately your organization.

Here are some ways that you can engage them and get them to do those things include:

  1. Ask them directly to “share” or “LIKE” or comment below. Ask them to respond in some way to your post. It is important not to overdo this but you can feel free to ask your audience to help you get the word out every now and then!
  2. Use CANVA Designs to create images and communicate with your audience in a creative way. You can put quotes up with these images, advertize events and allow people to see what you are doing.
  3. Use Humor in your communications. Don’t take yourself too seriously 🙂
  4. Post Pictures of GROUPS of people! This cannot be overstated how much this will help you to grow your facebook impact. Whenever you have events or gatherings of any kind be sure to take pictures of people in groups together. Try to get them to pose for you so that they don’t like the picture of them with their eyes closed and untag themselves. When you post the pictures go through each picture and tag each person in them. As you tag them their friends and family will see the pictures and also begin to interact with the page.
  5. Put out information that they will find important and interesting. Post bible verses, quotes or inspiring thoughts that they will naturally want to share with their family and friends. Here is a place you can find quotes.

Promo Video- ELP SUMMIT 2013

I rarely post stuff from work but we just finished creating this new amazing video for a training event we’re having in April for the Teen Challenge’s Emerging Leaders Program! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also, here is a page I created for this specific event as well:

How to Write a Great Promo Video Storyboard in 1 Hour

Writing a promotional video can be a really daunting task for anyone who is sitting with a plain sheet of paper in front of them and no real idea of how to get started. I have written several videos this last year and have developed a great process for writing a really great storyboard so that you and your team can produce a high-quality video! Here are a few things to consider:

1. What’s the goal of your project: First you want to decide the general direction of the project. Write down what the ultimate goal of the video is, what is a main theme that can drive the video, audio, text and pictures within the video. (10min)

2. Who is needed: Once you know the direction write down who you will need and what exactly their KRA’s (Key areas of responsibility) will be. Assign these people realistically based on the amount of time they will have and their competency level. Also make a list of the specific actors or people you want to interview in your video. (5min)

3. What is needed: Write down what you may need for this. Here are some great things that I usually look to see if I will need for any project: (5min)

  • Camera, Lighting, Set and microphone
  • Will you need background motion graphics? Get some stock graphics for cheap if you can’t make them! Here’s a great site to find them cheap:
  • Shots that pan through a crowd, street or setting that is relevant for your video. These will be can be dropped over interviews to create more visual interest.


Get Inspired: Its great to find a spot you love, grab a cup of coffee and listen to some tracks you have selected for the video. Try and select a background song that will help drive the purpose of the video. If you’re trying to inspire pick a fast paced genre (Drum and Bass or some fast indie rock). For something dramatic and intense pick something slower (Trip-Hop or blues). Basically take some time and listen to the music you want to be your soundtrack. (10min)

Get Writing: Once you have absorbed the mood and cleared your mind for a few minutes simply get out a pen and paper and start writing. I generally write the entire video to fit precisely into the rises and falls of the song that I select. Start putting ideas out there and map them out from the first 10 seconds to the final 5. (30min)

Get input: The worst thing you can assume is that you have created the best Idea for this project and to reject advice and input. The best thing you can do is plan to create 3 ideas that are totally different but run along the same theme. Then allow your team members to make comments and suggestions. These suggestions should be line-by-line and very detailed.

Execute: Once you have worked out all the details, ideas and have the final draft then you can begin to shoot the video, gather the pictures, audio and everything else you need! This can be a long process but if you have a precise and easy to follow story-board it can be more simple than you imagined.

Always set a great roadmap for you and your team and it will be much easier when it comes time to start shooting. If you have already worked through the creative development of the video from the first second to the last, the creation of the video will be a breeze!

What are some things you do that help you create videos?

Increasing your Search Engine Optimization

As a non-profit you always want more people to find your content that is available online. This will not only increase public awareness for those that may need what you offer but can also help in finding new donor sources! Today I got a great email from a co-worker with some great advice on increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I thought I would share it.


  1. Find out what keyword(s) would be best for the site. In other words, what are people most likely going to be typing in a search site when they look for a site like the site? One term that comes to mind is “christian leadership program”, or something like that.
  2. Implement your keyword(s) into the title tags of your website. Also, if you can use the keywords in and H1 or H2 headings in the site, that is good.
  3. Whenever you upload a video to Youtube or Vimeo, be sure to put your sites link in the first or second sentence of the description of the video. Also, incorporate your keywords into the description. Youtube and Vimeo are top ranked sites and it looks good when they point back to your site. It tells search engines that your site is important. Whatever you do, change the description up and do not use the same one over and over. Google will not like this and it could make your site take a hit. This should help out because we have so many videos to upload and that is a lot of links fairly quickly.
  4. Every blog post that is made should have a link back to the website. If possible, incorporate that link by using your keywords. The blog is another site that is pointing back to your site.
  5. Setup Google Webmaster tools on the website. This will help in allowing the Google bot to crawl your site and look for changes and such. I would do this for the blog as well.
  6. Make sure and use your keywords in the alt tags on all of your images, in your website. You can use variants like “christian leadership”, “christian leadership program”, “teen challenge leadership program”, etc.

Booking a Store-front Fundraiser

In 2010, the campaign raised $12.8 million – the most ever raised during Kroger’s annual campaign. This figure represented more than 9% of the total donated to The Salvation Army nationwide during the storefront campaign.

For the non-profit that I work with we have found that store-front fundraising is an excellent way to not only raise a large amount of funds in a short period of time but can also give you a great chance for building public awareness in a community. This hands on approach allows for individuals from your organization to really describe the heart of your organization and create a lasting impression.

The organization that I work for helps people that have life-controlling issues with drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders and other destructive behaviors. When we send our representatives, who are usually involved and have been or are currently in the program, they can help inform others who may have family or they themselves be struggling. Our small program consisting of at the most 20 volunteers per weekend throughout the year has given out somewhere in between 50,000 and 10,000 promotional cards alone. When you think about the other 200+ programs in the Us alone that are doing similar public awareness and fundraising events you can see the vast population we reach each year.

I think that its an incredible option to not only raise money but to connect a face and personal testimony with a large group of people. If your nonprofit would like to begin doing store front fundraising it is as easy as contacting some local stores in your area and usually sending a letterhead with the who, what, what, why, when and where for your organization. If you have no Idea where to begin I have written a simply letterhead that we have used for hundreds of stores over the past few years. Feel free to pull the content and change it to fit your needs!

Here is the Template:

February 16, 2012


123 Main St

Anycity, USA



Attn: NAME – (Persons tile)

We are submitting this letter as a request to set up a Public Awareness day there at your store. Your store is included in our area for doing drug and alcohol prevention and awareness. Also, we are a non-profit 501c3 organization that relies on donations and fundraisers to help keep our programs open and available for those in need. During our fundraisers we will usually send out 2-4 representatives from our program to give out information and accept donations.

The Following dates are what we have available:

July 20-21

August 24-25

September 28-29

October 26-27

November 9-10

Teen Challenge is a program focused on helping men, women and juveniles with life controlling issues such as drug addiction and alcoholism. Our organization has been around for over 50 years and has over 200 centers in the United States alone. Our program is a training center focused on training and equipping those seeking to work in Teen Challenge programs all over the world.





888-555-0000 – Phone

888-655-4445 – Fax

Question: How does your organization best raise money and public awareness with your community?

New Category! Non-profit 101

I have spent the last 3 year working with and for a ministry called Teen Challenge. Our organization has over 1000 programs worldwide and over 200 within the US. I have had the privilege of going to many of the programs here in the US and several programs outside of the US. At each program I have been able to see many different avenues for building relationships with the community and churches surrounding their non-profit, raise support, build sustainability, manage and create micro-businesses and also continue fulfilling their goal and mission statement all in one!

As I continue in creating systems, putting ideas together, making recommendations and doing research I will publish them here as a great resource to anyone who may want to get some fresh ideas. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and my hope is that you will find it to be a great resource for you and the organization that you serve!