Revival on the River 2015

Revival on the River Unity Night Take the CityWe are so excited that this year’s Revival on the River event is going to be a two day event! Please join us for Unity Night on Friday April 24th for a night of food, fun and music. Also, we would love for you to join us on Saturday for the “Take The City” outreach which will be sending out 100 teams all across the area. This will be the largest organized community-wide outreach the Chattahoochee Valley area has ever had!
Revival on the River Unity Night-43
In April of 2014 we had over 2,500 people from theChattahoochee Valley area come together for the very first Revival on the River – Unity Night! It was an amazing night of celebration as over 50 churches from the area came together. We would love for you and your church to come and even get involved this year! 
Here are three great ways you can get involved:
  1. Get involved at the Take the City outreach on 4.25 @12pm – Click Here to Sign Up
  2. Have people join the Intercessors team for Unity Night – 4.24 @ 5pm
  3. Have any singers from your church join the Unity Night Choir

Thank you all so much for joining us in prayer as we finish up all the final preparations for this exciting event. We anticipate that God is going to do tremendous things this year at Revival on the River!




I remember growing up in elementary and middle school when this really interesting fad hit the southeastern United States that involved these colorful bracelets with the letters “WWJD?” on them. In fact, when I first begin to see these bracelets on people I can distinctly remember pretending like I knew what the letters stood for before I really even had a clue. Maybe as I mention them you can also remember these bracelets. The interesting thing about these bracelets that I remember is how suddenly they became hugely popular in the community where I lived and how suddenly everyone not only had one but some people actually would wear 5 or more on a single arm. It was the cool thing to do and so of course I began to follow and got one or two of my own!

WWJD?The interesting thing about these bracelets that I distinctly remember is that over time people at my school that were not Christians and were not involved in church whatsoever suddenly began to wear the bracelets. It seemed as if everyone was asking this same question, “What Would Jesus Do?” I remember how the popularity of this bracelet seemed to be a huge success for the Christian community but now that I look back I wonder what impact it really even did make on our culture?

Last night I was reflecting about a friend of mine who was over at my house earlier this week and was doing some hilarious impressions of me and some of our other friends as we were all just hanging out. It was so funny when he began to do the impression of me because of how accurate he was in impersonating me. Everyone started bursting out laughing from the moment he started speaking because his voice and mannerisms suddenly resembled mine in such an astonishing way. My friend then told me something that really caught my attention. He said that he couldn’t do impressions of certain people because he had not really had time to watch them and study them.

I later realized that this is a really interesting fact that he demonstrated at my house. My friend taught me in this situation that we couldn’t represent or imitate something we are unfamiliar with! We must study and spend a lot of time with someone if we really plan to imitate them and act like them. In fact I have been around people that were so close in relationship that they could literally finish one another’s sentences! This is a demonstration of true intimacy and friendship.

peter pan peanut butterI want to offer one more example that I just thought of us well. Let’s pretend that someone you know really well has asked you to run to the grocery store for them and purchase something for them before you come to visit them. Imagine if that specific brand of whatever they wanted was out of stock. You would immediately know how this person would respond. For instance you may already know that if it is not “Peter Pan” peanut butter then you may as well not even purchase anything. You would then make a really well informed decision for them without even having to ask them. You wouldn’t even need to call them because you already know what decision they would have made. This is what true intimacy looks like! This is when you know that you really know someone well. You know them well when you can easily imitate and represent them!

Now I want to look back at the “WWJD?” bracelets that I originally brought up.  The whole point of these bracelets is to remind people to always ask the question wherever they are what Jesus might do in that situation. While I think that this question is of extreme importance in our everyday lives I want to suggest that there is a key ingredient that is necessary before this question can even be relevant. We must intimately know Jesus before we can ever assume or imitate what He might do in our everyday lives.

Do we really even know Jesus in such a way that we can easily do what He might do? Have we spent so much time with Him recently that we know how He talks and responds? Could we imitate his mannerisms to others without really even putting any thought to it? Have we spent so much time studying, reading and memorizing His word that we can quickly say what He might say in any situation that we find ourselves in? Do we even have a relationship with Him in such a way where we are qualified to answer this important question about what He might do in whatever situations we face on a daily basis? I think that these questions are some important ones for us all to look at and ask ourselves.

Lastly, I want to say that I love the “WWJD?” bracelets and the question that they represent. I think that it is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves on a moment-to-moment basis as we live our daily lives. The amazing thing is that when we combine this question with a lifestyle of studying His word and practicing His presence then anything becomes possible! When we memorize His word and devote ourselves in the secret place of prayer then we have the opportunity to become so familiar with Christ that it becomes more and more easy to imitate Him in our everyday lives. In fact, I want to suggest that when we devote ourselves to living in intimate communion with Him that the question of what He might do becomes totally irrelevant because we just naturally begin to act how he might act and say what He might say.

We create a recipe for the supernatural to become natural as we begin to combine a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus and the question, “what He might do in our everyday situations?” When we combine these two things then suddenly people will begin to encounter Christ in us which is the only Hope that they truly have. People don’t need to encounter us or our weak impressions of who we think Jesus might be. They need to see Jesus in us in such a way that their lives are forever changed. These type of encounters only come through people who are truly abiding in an intimate relationship with Jesus.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5 NIV)

Testimony – Back Healed at TC in GA

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to go and minister at a Teen Challenge here in GA that helps adolescent boys. We had an amazing time together during that chapel service and saw God do many amazing things. After sharing with the guys I felt that the Lord told me that one of them had terrible back pain. I actually began to physically feel the pain in my own back as the Lord told me. I felt that we were to pray for this person. I stopped everything at that moment and asked if any of the boys had back pain in that particular area. Suddenly the boy sitting directly in front of where I was standing looked at me totally shocked. He stood up and said he had terrible pain in his back and was literally praying for God to help him with his back pain right as I began to ask the boy’s if anyone had pain in their backs. I then had some of the other guys come around him and we prayed for him and he was completely healed! It was not only a huge testimony for him but also all the other boys in that chapel meeting.

Here is the testimony in his own words:

“My name is J******… and I wanted to thank you for (the) healing in my back the night you came for our devotion… What made it even more amazing was that I was praying for my back at the same time you called me up for healing. Thank you…”

God is so good!!! He truly gets all the glory and the honor. He is doing amazing things right now in the earth and I love getting the opportunity to see him move in power.

andrew chalmers

Lessons from story-time with my son

This morning my son came into my bedroom as I was spending time with the Lord. When he came in I began to read him a story out of the book of John. When I read him the stories I love to add my own comments on the background of the storyline and help him to imagine what happened in those moments. I’ve noticed that each time I do this with my son it actually opens up even my own ability to read the Word. So many times I find that I simply read from beginning to end of the chapter in the Gospels and take very little time to actually think about the fact that these recorded gospels were very real situations that happened over 2000 years ago.andrew chalmers

This morning I read out of John 6 where Jesus feeds the 5000 with the loaves and fish. As I read the story to my son Landon and elaborated on the storyline to help him understand I found myself captivated by the this story. I mean, really think about it for a minute… A man pulls out 5 loaves and it ends up feeding a multitude of people with a bunch leftover. I’ve always wondered how it literally happened and if like new loaves just appeared out of thin air or something. The account of John really leaves it up to your imagination and just sticks with the fact that it happened and everyone was so blown away afterwards that they wanted to take Jesus by force to become their king.

One thing the Lord showed me this morning as I read this story to my son is the significance of him saying thanks for the bread and fish before he dispersed it among the crowd. This morning I had been asking my son before we began to read the story to say some things he was thankful for and he resisted with everything. He did not want to have to endure the mental process of trying to think of even just a few of the things he had to be thankful for. He (my son) reminds me of myself so many days when I always have so much to be thankful for but just frankly don’t want to force myself to think that way. Sometimes it’s easier to stay where we are at rather than stepping outside of our comfort zone and thanking God especially when things are hard.

When Jesus had all these people in front of Him he was not exactly in the easiest of circumstances. He had 5000+ hungry people and enough food for maybe 1 or 2 of them. Even though it wasn’t enough in that moment he demonstrated to all of those people and to us the power of thanksgiving. When he said thanks to our Father in heaven it opened up the possibilities for this sign and wonder to take place. His act of thanking God even when it didn’t make much sense created room for the abundance of Heaven to invade earth. I believe that this act of thanksgiving was what set into action this mighty miracle. In our own lives God is calling each of us to live a life of thanksgiving to Him because He knows that it opens up our lives to receive all the abundance he wants to bless us with. This isn’t an act of manipulating God to get what we want. When we offer God this true thanksgiving that comes from deep within our hearts it opens up the possibility for the impossible to become possible so that He can be glorified.

The last thing I noticed from this story was how Jesus snuck away from the crowd when the wanted to make him king. For many of us this moment might seem like the pinnacle of our life. He had finally arrived in the eyes of the world and yet he snuck away to be alone with his Father. He placed a higher value on intimacy with His Father in heaven than success on the earth. We can gain all the attention, all the success (even in ministry or family) and still end up so empty and hollow. What Jesus knew is that He did not come to be served but rather to serve. His primary focus was to love His father and be obedient to Him, even unto death. Sometimes what we deem as success may really just be another thing drawing us away from the time up on the mountain, alone with our Father in Heaven, which is truly what we need. My hope is that as I continue to grow closer to Jesus that I will become more and more like Him. My hope is that if I were ever faced with a circumstance of great fame, power or prestige that I knew was outside of God’s will that I would also sneak away and just get alone with my Father.

chattahoochee river

Inconvenience Turned into a Miracle

This past week our regular meeting space for our local house of prayer and the church I attend has not been open because of water that smells like sewage flooding in through the walls. It seemingly will get better for a day or two and then suddenly the water keeps re-appearing and no one, including contractors and plumbers, have any idea what the problem is. The following testimony is a quick story of how God can take something that is really an annoyance or inconvenience and make it work out in a way better than ever imagined!


Last night theDoor met at the Loft right off Broadway because the basement was not available and while we were waiting outside before going in for service Grant and I met two guys who are in the special forces with the army. They were looking for a bar and asked us where they could go drink. We ended up sharing about Jesus and what we were doing out there. They two guys ended up coming to the service and were radically touched by God. One was healed from an injury and both of them gave their lives to Christ. Neither of them thought they could be forgiven for all the people they had killed while serving overseas but they experienced God’s overwhelming love and forgiveness for the very first time last night. They left completely different people and plan to come to a small group this Thursday.
I wanted to share this because if the basement had still been open these two guys would not met us more than likely and would not have gotten a chance to accept Christ for the very first time. Thank God for taking this “inconvenience” and doing miracles through it all!

Be ready to die

“If I were pledging men and women to the Gospel of the Son of God.., it would not be to have a nice church and harmonious surroundings… I would invite them to be ready to die. That was the spirit of early Methodism. John Wesley established a heroic call. He demanded every preacher to be “ready to pray, ready to preach, ready to die.” That is always the spirit of Christianity. When any other spirit comes into the Church, it is not the spirit of Christianity. It is a foreign spirit. It is a sissified substitute.” – John G. Lake

I have been reading a book containing the works from John G. Lake this summer and also a book called Radical by David Platt. In both books they talk about the blood of the martyrs and the importance of a Christian movement being marked by a spirit of martyrdom and a willingness to die for the sake of the cross.

John G. Lake went to South Africa with a small team and within a few years raised up over 1250 leaders and 350 churches. They saw multitudes of people healed and saved all over South Africa. This great move of God did not come at a small price. He talks about in the first few year he buried 12 preachers and 16 wives and children. Read that prior sentence one more time…

While reading David Platt’s book he talks about how he left our western culture of great big, fancy churches full of beautifully organized programs and all the comforts and went to China. He talks about meeting with a group of pastors who wept for hours over their church members being persecuted, killed and persuaded into joining cults that were torturing them. He noticed how people gathered in the most dire and uncomfortable situations to read the Word of God and pray together. The story he told of the churches he encountered in China really shocked me. This is something that I read about in the New Testament but am so unfamiliar with in our culture.

I know that most of the time I am unwilling to give up my sleep, my food, my comfort, my money and my precious time for the cause of Christ. What makes me think I would really be willing to die. What if God is asking me, and you, to live a life of great risk and sacrifice? What if Jesus is calling us to a life of total surrender? 

I believe that if the Body of Christ in America captured the heart and passion that filled the martyrs mentioned by John G. Lake, the early church, those who joined John Wesley, and those that David Platt encountered in China, that we would witness the greatest cultural renaissance and re-awakening ever seen on earth. I feel like God is calling me to a life that is willing to really surrender everything and not just have a willingness to do it figuratively.

I want to live a life that is no longer fearful of people maybe judging me or hating me for the cause of Christ but that not only am I willing to accept persecution but also death. 

What about you?