Our Great Calling


So much of my walk with Christ I have believed the lie that my greatest calling was what I might accomplish or do for God. I always thought about the great vision that God has given me and of all the ambitions He has placed in my heart and thought that these things were my ultimate and great calling. This last year or so I have been coming to a new realization that has brought so much freedom into my life and has really allowed me to live so fulfilled and excited about each day. My realization is that my great calling has nothing to do with what I am doing but who I choose to be. My great calling is contained in the greatest commandment (Matt 22:37-38). My great calling is to let God love me and to respond to Him by giving Him all that I am. My calling is not what I do or where I go but is to ultimately abide in His amazing love (John 15).

I wrote out a prayer that I have decided to do myself today to make a commitment to this. I wrote it out and even signed it in a way to really formalize my commitment to the Lord to not place all these other things before Him but to really commit to abide in His love and to love Him with all of my heart, mind, strength and soul. I wanted to share it so that if you feel lead, you can also join me in making this commitment. He makes it clear that our first focus should be vertical (towards God) and then secondly our focus should be horizontal (towards others or our ministry). Let us commit together to love Him with everything…

Father- Today I commit to make my greatest calling and focus the first commandment. I choose to set all of my heart, all of my mind, all of my strength and all of my soul on loving you. I choose to love you with everything I am. I find my identity in how I love you and not in all that I do. My great purpose is to abide in your love and to love you with everything I have. I repent of placing idols before you. I choose to put all of my passions, my ambitions and desires for success behind my desire to love YOU. I put you first today. Thank you for your love and for the freedom that I gain from loving you with all of my heart. I give you permission to take all of me and to place me anywhere you choose. You are my joy and my delight. Today I step into my great destiny and choose to love you with all that I am. I choose to believe that my success comes from receiving your great love which leads me to love you in return. I choose to believe that my success is not based on my accomplishments. I receive the truth that, I am loved by you; therefore I am successful. In Jesus name, Amen!

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this subject and especially if you made the same commitment I have…


Washed Away


It can be so easy as a Christian to get wrapped up in all the things that we do each day rather than focusing on the One who made us righteous. So many times we can exert all of our energy doing a bunch of really good things and yet completely miss out on a real relationship with God. Sometimes, especially in my case, God has to get us alone and without any distractions to bring us to this revelation. We can stay SO busy and SO focused that that still small voice that the Lord usually speaks in is almost non-existent because of all the loud noise within our lives.

When we begin to focus on all the good things more than the maker of all those good things we can miss out on a truly fulfilling life and begin to feel burnt out and let down. The good things, the accomplished goals and even change in others lives is not what will satisfy us. that will satisfy us is a real tangible experience with God through the Holy Spirit.

We can come to him anytime and he will receive us with his never-ending kindness and love. He doesn’t receive us because of all the nice things we do but simply because of his mercy. He washed those sins away so that we can live a new life in the Holy Spirit without the burden of trying to do all the right things in our own strength. We are forgiven in Christ, PERIOD.

But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior

Titus 3:4-6