Haiti orphan

Haiti Day 4

Haiti Orphan Girl

Here is one of the little girls in the orphanage that Help 4 Haiti sponsors monthly

Excerpt from my Journal at 1pm:

This morning we went to the orphanage at Croix de Boquet and spent 2-3 hours with the kids. It is only a few minutes drive from the pastors house. We had such a great time with the OVER 100 kids there. Its kinda overwhelming how many kids that is. We were able to love on them and give them something from us and all of our supporters. Most of the children do not have parents because they were killed in the earthquake over 3 years ago. Other kids there were just abandoned or dropped off there. Their eyes and smile are so unforgettable

Haiti Orphan

One of the orphans my parents support monthly

As Ive looked at the pictures this morning of all these children my heart has been aching again for them as if I were there all over again. While there God showed me really how he sees these as His children and how much he really cares for them. I had NO idea of how overwhelming the need for orphan care in Haiti was until I went, I met the kids and realized the need. There are thousands of orphans still without anywhere to go all over Haiti. Even the kids that are in orphanages are stacked several to a bed and eat only what they can afford that week. Their food is dependent on donors. No one in that nation has money to help them. Most people live off less than a dollar a day. I believe that we truly capture Gods heart when we relenquish our APATHY over situations like this and truly start to do something. How can we just sit an watch? How can we say, “Someone else will help them” and move on. It breaks my heart.

He upholds the cause of the oppressed
and gives food to the hungry.
The Lord sets prisoners free,
    the Lord gives sight to the blind,
the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down,
the Lord loves the righteous.
The Lord watches over the foreigner
and sustains the fatherless and the widow…

Psalm 146:7-9

Future orphanage site Haiti

Later that afternoon we drove out to a new city that has been established in Haiti called Onaville. It was established outside of Port Au Prince simply for all those who lost their homes in the earthquake. It is a wide open area in a valley just between mountains and the ocean. Its beautiful but honestly barren. There are thousands of people living there but no real commerce or anything there.

The picture above is the site we visited where the future orphanage will stand. The pastor informed us that they need to build a new orphanage because the current site is being rented from the Good Samaritans and they are going to need the property back soon. His hope is to build this new orphanage rather than releasing the current orphans back out into the streets or already starving families in the community. The foundation for the wall has been laid, now all that he needs is about $100k to build the orphanage for all the kids. As we walked around the property our hope was to not only help raise the $100k for these orphans but to also bring a team back to help build it!


Haiti Day 1

I have had very little time since I returned from Haiti about 4 days ago and really wanted to write about my experiences while it was all still fresh on my mind. I plan to write a series of posts that will include pictures, thoughts from my journal and other random things from the trip. It was truly an eye opening experience. It had a greater impact on me than anywhere else I have been in the world. Towards the end of the trip it was so plain to me why God had called me to go serve there for a week. He wanted to open my eyes. God wanted to show me things I couldn’t have even imagined until I experienced them hands on.

12/16/12 – 10pm – Excerpts from my Journal:

The power is going out here at the house but its going to come back on at around 11pm. We are actually in a really nice home here and all have beds. Though I can’t drink the water I am glad we have running water. Honestly its even better than I had imagined as far as where I’d be staying and everything… The Pastor speaks good english but he is the only person so far that speaks fluent english (everyone else speaks French Creole)…. He had some of his nieces and nephews over here tonight and we were able to hang out with them. They taught us a few phrases:

  • Bon Job = Good Job
  • Korem= like High five or awesome or something… basically if you want to “pound it” you say korem
  • Chat (pronounced shat) = Cat
  • Mimi = Kitten (My mom is called Mimi rather than grandmother, I thought this was funny)…

I taught the kids that night how to say a single phrase that went with the bean bag game. The phrase was, “One Hundred!!!” which is how many points they got when they through it into the whole. The funny part is when the two boys started throwing the bean bags at each others heads (and sometimes mine, and started screaming “One Hundred!!!” each time. Actually that night there was a guy there named Olbert who is actually mute and I think deaf as well. Besides the pastor there I interacted with Olbert more than anyone there mainly because he spoke sign language and could teach me his name by spelling it… Here is the view from where we stayed in Croix De Bouquet.

This is the view from the roof of where we stayed all week

From the moment I stepped out of the Airport that day I could tell how very different it was there than what I was accustomed to. First of all the language, the heat in mid-December, the common cars, clothing and even the normal mannerisms of the people there were different. It wasn’t a shock but I could definitely tell I was in a totally new place. I really liked it there. As we drove to our temporary home for the week I really enjoyed soaking up all of my new surroundings. I knew that God had plans for our trip but to be honest I didn’t really expect all that would come in the next six day…

Haiti Stop stop road

This is what it looks like when we were driving around…

Biggest Takeway- Be flexible at all times and just relax and enjoy each moment as it comes.

Funniest thing- Realizing that even though sign language is universal, it doesn’t help at all when someone is signing letter by letter to me in a language I dont speak.