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Testimony — Arthritis Healed!

This past Sunday night I was outside the building after church when a man stopped a friend and I and asked us for some money. We told him that we didn’t have money to give him but would love to have him come eat with us. The man came inside with us and we were able to bless him with a few supplies that we had leftover from some Take the City outreaches we had done in the past. After giving him what we could I asked him if he had anything specifically we could pray for him about. He then told us that he had really bad pain in his hands from arthritis.

After talking to him I got together with a couple other people and we began to pray for God to heal his hands in Jesus name. As we began to pray I began to feel tingling all around my hands. It was like my hand had gone to sleep or something. I asked him if he felt any tingling and the man said he was feeling an unusual tingling as we prayed. After praying for about a minute we stopped and he said it felt much better but he still had a little bit of pain. We then prayed a second time and he said he began to feel that same tingling but it was even stronger than before.

After praying the second time we stopped and asked how his hands were. In total amazement and full of a sudden joy he told us that his hands were 100% pain free and that he could now clench his fist. He told us that beforehand he could not close his hands because the pain was so severe. It was amazing to see his excitement as he began to open and close his hands over and over again!

It never ever gets old seeing God do the impossible in peoples lives around me. I never stop feeling totally amazed when Jesus brings healing and hope into the most impossible situations. It’s astounding to think about the fact that Jesus is still alive and that HE is the same as He was two thousand years ago, today and in years from now. It’s such good news that the hope of the full gospel is a reality for each and every one of us today.

“You know of Jesus of Nazareth, how God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power, and how He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.” Acts 10:38

Check out the video below which is a recording of the testimony of what happened!

Testimony – Healings at SWFL Teen Challenge

Tonight was an unbelievable night here in Ft. Myers florida where we have stopped for about a day to do some media work and ministry. Tonight we had a service with the guys and girls from the program and saw some things that were so amazing! Tonight God’s presence was so thick and powerful and many lives (including my own) were impacted. There were many miracles and healing’s that happened and I simply want to record them here. I don’t have time because its late and I’m exhausted to elaborate much on them but just want to record them here! To God be all the glory for everything listed below…

  1. Knees healed- we prayed for at least 2-3 men who had knee pain that were healed by God when the men from the TC program gathered around and prayed for them.
  2. Back healed- I had a word of knowledge for mid back pain. One young man stood up and said he had it. I went and prayed with him and the pain moved to his upper back. We then prayed for any spirit of infirmity to leave. We also prayed for deliverance from a spirit of depression and not only was he set free and healed of all back pain but was filled with joy and then went to the front to share his testimony. Everyone was shocked that he shared b/c of how he would usually act!
  3. TMJ/ Lockjaw- I got a word of knowledge for TMJ. The ladies in the back prayed for 2 ladies who had it. Both of them were totally healed and were filled with joy.
  4. Neck – A man was healed of neck pain when we prayed
  5. Shoulder- A man was dealing with an afflicting spirit. as we prayed his pain moved down his arm and into his hand. The last time we prayed all the pain left completely and he was healed. (This same man then prayed healing over another man afterwards)
  6. Stomach Sickness – A young man missed the service and afterwards the guys came and grabbed me to come with them to pray for the sick guy. He had horrible pain and couldn’t eat anything. He was stuck in his bed. As we prayed he felt a tingling sensation and then heat all over his body. Then all the pain left his stomach and he was filled with the peace of God. We left and he was seemingly asleep and resting after we had finished praying.— Then about 1 hour later this same young man comes into the chapel where I was talking and said he had gotten up and eaten an entire meal! He said that all the pain was gone and that he was already healed! Also, the Lord gave him a word about his dream life that really encouraged him in a lot of things he had been thinking about. 

There are many other things that happened tonight, including people being set free through forgiveness and receiving God’s overwhelming joy. One man wept like he had never cried before in front of everyone for at least 15 minutes while God ministered to him powerfully. It was amazing to just be a part of what God was doing in the room. It was amazing to see God using the students there to pray for others and not just me. God gets all the glory and ALL the credit. He is the healer, the redeemer and the one who sets us free. I am so thankful for what happened tonight!

Testimony From Biker Event

I wanted to share an amazing testimony of something that God did this past weekend.  It’s so amazing what God can do through us when we realize how good he is, what our identity is in Him and the authority that He has given us to establish his Kingdom on the earth.


I was with Shannon this past Saturday night and we were walking around the downtown area and went to this Biker event that was being held by the river. It was getting late and a lot of the people were wasted. It smelled like beer and fast food. You could hear some good old southern rock and loud motorcycles. The atmosphere was really dark that night and it really heightened my spiritual attentiveness to my surroundings. As we walked around I quietly asked God to let me reveal his amazing Love to someone.

We went under a tent where a vendor was selling miscellaneous knives and rings. When we got there I heard the still, small voice of the Father in my heart whisper that the woman in the booth had back pain. A man, who we later found was her husband, came over to help us buy something. We just stayed and looked around at the knives, its funny because Shannon hates knives but I really felt the Lord tell me to just stay right there and wait for Him.

After about 10 minutes, finally his wife walked over and I began to encourage her with a few things that Lord began to show me about her. I asked her about her tattoos and then began to share with her some prophetic words about these tattoos and how God has amazing plans for her life. She began to tear up as the Spirit of God really began to minister to her in the midst of this biker event.

I then asked her, “Do you have back pain?” She stepped back in amazement and shock and said, “YES, I have terrible chronic back pain…” I then told her, “The Lord is going to heal you. Can we pray for you??” She was kinda taken off guard but smiled and allowed us to come pray for her. Shannon and I laid hands on her declared healing over her body and commanded all the pain to cease. We asked God to release His Kingdom and healing power into this woman’s body.

After we prayed I asked her and she tested it and was shocked that the pain was nearly gone completely! Shannon and I got really excited and asked her if we could pray one more time. After praying for her the second time all of the pain was completely gone and the woman was healed by the power of God. Her and her husband were crying before we left and were so blessed by the amazing love, grace and mercy that the Father had shown them.

When we allow the Father to show us His great love for us and then extend that same love to others we begin to see lives impacted and the miraculous take place.

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.

James 5:15